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1# This file is part of the Python aiocoap library project. 


3# Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Maciej Wasilak <>, 

4# 2013-2014 Christian Amsüss <> 


6# aiocoap is free software, this file is published under the MIT license as 

7# described in the accompanying LICENSE file. 


9"""Container module for transports 


11Transports are expected to be the modular backends of aiocoap, and implement 

12the specifics of eg. TCP, WebSockets or SMS, possibly divided by backend 

13implementations as well. 


15Transports are not part of the API, so the class descriptions in the modules 

16are purely informational. 


18Multiple transports can be used in parallel in a single :class:`.Context`, and 

19are loaded in a particular sequence. Some transports will grab all addresses of 

20a given protocol, so they might not be practical to combine. Which transports 

21are started in a given Context follows the 

22:func:`.defaults.get_default_clienttransports` function. 


24The available transports are: 


26.. the files in this directory.