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1# This file is part of the Python aiocoap library project. 


3# Copyright (c) 2012-2014 Maciej Wasilak <>, 

4# 2013-2014 Christian Amsüss <> 


6# aiocoap is free software, this file is published under the MIT license as 

7# described in the accompanying LICENSE file. 


9#: Make library version internally 


11#: This is not supposed to be used in any decision-making process (use package 

12#: dependencies for that) or workarounds, but used by command-line tools or the 

13#: impl-info link to provide debugging information. 

14version = "0.4.3.post0" 


16#: URI used to describe the current version of the library 


18#: This is used the same way as `version` but when a URI is required, for 

19#: example as a default value for .well-known/core's rel=impl-info link. 

20library_uri = "" + version